Know the state of every Drupal site instantly

The site list screen details a snapshot of every Drupal site

Know what is misconfigured right away

Find and fix security, performance and SEO issues in seconds

1. See what needs to be fixed on your site to meet Drupal best practices for performance, security, search engine optimization and health

2. Save custom notes for each site.

Verify you have every patch you need

The module report details the status of every install module

1. The complete Drupal module report, just the way you like it. Update data is updated directly from Drupal, regardless of the last time your site checked in to the update report.
2. The disabled modules on your site.

Know what is happening on each site

The activity report offers a snapshot of recent activity

1. Hourly averages for new users, new content creation, login failures and 404 page errors
2. A listing of the most recent failed logins
3. Using the average hourly rates for the last 30 days, Droptor emails you when events in the last hour surpass the tresholds calculated for your site

Find the bottlenecks in seconds

The memory report shows you all of the memory and execution time bottlenecks in your site so you know where spend your time tuning to get the most benefit

1. Memory reports for your most recent requests, the most memory intensive pages, the slowest pages and beautiful charts showing site performance over time.
2. Memory data for average memory usage, the most memory used (peak), page frequency and average load time.

Use the site-wide module report to ease deployment

Verify updates and instantly know if you are missing critical security patches across your entire landscape

Manage Drupal updates effortlessly with the QA report

Every site and every module needed for upgrade, complete with your internal notes to assist the Drupal manager

Droptor ensures your site doesn’t get left behind

We send you emails to alert you to missing critical updates and suspicious behaviuor and a single weekly summary email that details the state of every Drupal site. In addition, Droptor provides an RSS feed of every alert that the site generates.