About Us

We discovered that managing a bunch of Drupal sites for our clients was hard work.

We got frustrated at our fruitless efforts to keep our wiki updated with the correct versions of all of the modules we use across all of our Drupal sites. When a Drupal security release came out if was a challenge to keep our heads around our ever-growing pool of Drupal sites.

We also have a love of checklists. Checklists have helped us successfully launch loads of web site projects for our clients. They help us catch common errors, make changes at the right phase in a project and ensure our work is consistently high quality.

So we sketched out some ideas on how to create a tool that would make this management easier and Droptor was born.

We are confident that Droptor will save your team time and improve the overall security, performance and configuration of your network of Drupal sites. Go ahead, sign up and become an even greater Drupal rockstar.

Droptor currently runs version 3.0, chock-full of amazing new features.

Droptor is a product of 62 Cents Software.
Droptor is secure

Droptor is a secure application built on top of industry-leading technologies, like CakePHP, Apache, MySQL and Rackspace/Slicehost hosting.

Read more on how we take security, backups and server configuration seriously.